Trauma Bond

Although it’s sad that Saeed and Nadia did not end up together, it makes a lot of sense. They met during an already rough time, but being forced to take that journey together would put a strain on any connection. Any situation that evokes that many negative and stressful emotions is bound to suck all the romance out of a relationship.

While I think Saeed and Nadia were very compatible at the beginning of the book, the events of the war and their journey changed them. For better or for worse, the two of them were not the same people they were in the beginning. Nadia was hardened from the start, already exposed to the horrors of the world through her family situation and her gender but still hopeful for the world. Saaed’s heart was soft in the beginning, but his outlook on the world darkened over the span of the book.

Even though Saeed and Nadia did not end up together, they will always be bonded through their trauma. Their visits might have gotten less and less frequent towards the end, but I think they will always hold a special place in their hearts for each other due to the circumstances in which they were forced to survive in.

4 thoughts on “Trauma Bond


    I tend to agree that the traumatic events Saeed and Nadia went through had a negative impact on the relationship and ultimately caused them to separate. I believe if they had met under less stressful circumstances and didn’t have to fear for their lives, their relationship would have done well.



    I agree with this statement as it tends to open up my view to realize different aspects of Nadia and Saeed’s relationship. I agree with the fact Nadia and Saeed had to experience these horrid times that impacted them emotionally. I believe they had to persevere through traumatic events that caused a negative impact on the relationship.


  3. LIVIA N.

    Yes, the journey certainly strained Nadia and Saeed’s relationship. Besides constantly being in close quarters with the same person and going through uncomfortable and traumatic events together, the strain was majorly the result of their differences. Being with each other for a long time just gave way to more opportunity to learn about each other.


  4. Athanasios P.

    I agree that the hardships they experienced together introduced a lot of negativity into their relationship, ultimately spoiling their romantic connection. I also think your point about Saeed’s outlook darkening is really important, because his optimism and innocence was something I feel Nadia was attracted to when they initially met, but it was also something he lost as the book progressed.


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