The Infinite Cycle

The song “Wurli” on Dominic Fike’s recent album What Could Possibly Go Wrong is a short, but substantial song. The 2 minute 31 second song is about a toxic relationship and the emotions that come with it. The first lines of the song are,

Steppin’ outside for you
Then I put links on both wrists
‘Cause you got control over me

Right from the start of the song, the listener knows that this relationship is not mutually beneficial, or healthy. The concept of the song goes along with Perrine’s idea that purpose of poems are “sometimes to be ugly rather than beautiful” (6). This poem’s focus is on a rather dismal topic, and the first words pack a punch to the reader. The links even have multiple meanings, leaning to the “multiple dimensions” in poetry. Links could be bracelets that he wears to look good for her and not himself. Or it could be Fike alluding himself as a prisoner when stating that he has links, or in this case handcuffs on his wrists. Showing feelings of powerlessness in this toxic romance. Dominic Fike also describes how much one sided effort is put into this relationship,

This is not love, I’m a glorified doorstop
Stickin’ my foot out for you
And that’s not all I would do

These lines show feelings of being unwanted in this dysfunctional relationship. The way that Fike does it emphasizes the fact that this song is a poem, Perrine states that poetry “enlarges our perspectives and breaks down some of the limits we may feel” (4). The song may bring back familiar feelings of being stuck in this toxic cycle, or inform other listeners how it may feel to be in such relationship. Widening the perspectives of the listener much like reading a poem about an unknown topic can do. While Fike is doing all he can to fix things, he is viewed as a measly doorstop. Later in the song he contrasts what he previously said to emphasize that while this relationship is knowingly toxic, it is “sort of like love” so the actions being made will continue, causing them to be stuck in this bad cycle.

This is not done, this is sort of like love
When I’m stickin’ my foot out for you
But it’s not all I would do

The repetition of the lines with the slight change spotlight the idea of how one sided the relationship is, the change in the lyrics show that regardless of these things they will continue to put up with it. Perrine states that poetry is “the most condensed and concentrated form of literature”(8). While Fike could have spent more time and words writing new lines about how while he is aware of the toxicity in the relationship, he still feels and wants this connection. He knew the power of his words, and with switching around the words, it still conveys the message, and produces the same if not an even stronger impact upon the listener. In this 2 minute 31 second song Dominic includes a multitude of emotions and feelings into the lyrics. The way that Fike is aware of his word choice, conveys a strong message in so little words, and brings important ideas to the listeners awareness highlights the fact that “Wurli” is not only a song, but a poem.

4 thoughts on “The Infinite Cycle

  1. Danielle W

    I love Dominic Fike, so I got really excited when I saw this. I personally haven’t listened to the song, but your writing gave me a really good idea of what it is about and what it is trying to convey to the audience. Your mention of his word choice was a really good analytical point to make, and I agree that it does say a lot about the cycle they are trapped in. I also thought that your references back to Perrine were very useful in supporting your argument.


  2. Tao Tao S.

    I would have to agree with Dani about the inclusion of Perrine’s quote. I thought that allowed me to grasp a deeper understanding of the song. I have not listened to the song either but it sounds really intriguing. I also mentioned in my song analysis, how important the repetition of lyrics is in a song, so I’m glad you mentioned that too.



    I agree with the message of the song along with the connection to Perrine’s definition of poetry that was made. Relationships can grow and was that are negative and leave people scarred and toxic in life and reality comes with so much negativity. With this, poetry is sometimes situation that emphasizes the opposite of beauty in life being life’s absurd and down sided moments. Mentioning the repetition within the song I thought was very important because it brings imagery of what the writer is feeling emotionally, as the repetition can help the listener paint a better picture of the song.


  4. Najda HSJ

    I agree with the message of the song and totally believe it’s poetry. I thought it was super interesting to see how you analyzed the lyric “Then I put links on both wrists.” I think automatically, most people would just think about prisoners and handcuffs like you said. I thought how you compared it to bracelets was really insightful and unique. I definitely agree with that, the imagery really brings out how this relationship is not mutually beneficial.


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