Every Day is a New Day

Quinn XCII (pronounced like 92)’s song “Another Day in Paradise,” from his album Change of Scenery, is considerably the best song choice to prove that music is poetry. Some argue that this song is his most popular and known song. I believe that is because of its tropical, vibrant tone reflecting on the ups and downs of life in a cunningly poetic way.

The song begins with a lovely melody of a women and a brief moment of EDM. Quinn XCII does not actually start singing until about 20 seconds after the song has begun. The quick shift between the beginning and Quinn singing opens the viewer to the song and creates excitement and anticipation. The song follows the concept of two events taking place at the same time that correlate with each other–a relationship a women has with life and the overall outlook on life. 

The first opening lines of the song are, “Her body’s gold like September/She burns through the night like an ember.” These lines are striking and immediately draw a viewer into understanding what Quinn XCII is feeling and communicates with the viewer how he feels about this women with deliberately comparing her actions to an ember– a heated piece of coal, usually a remain from a fire. I believe that Quinn XCII set the song like this in order to introduce the idea of how people often look at the end of an event rather than enjoying the moment as it is happening. 

Quinn XCII follows this idea with the next couple lines singing, “A little sunshine cause she need it/A dose of rainfall in the evenin’.” Quinn XCII believes that people often take for granted what life has to offer and the small things people do not cherish like the sunshine and rain. As the song continues, he continues on the path of using fire-related diction to describe the difficulty of appreciating life and allows the viewer to feel comfortable by stating that this woman does too. He continues with the lines:

Loose cannon but still it won’t fire
No need to leave, spend our whole lives
Another day in paradise

By using the word fire in the context of firing a cannon, I believe he also uses this word multi-purposefully and strategically playing it into the role of fire vs. ocean. He brings up the idea of a wave/ocean and compares it to the complexities of life. Quinn XCII uses these words at the beginning of each chorus, “All the good comes in waves/ I bide my time by the ocean.” I believe his song is explaining the battle of getting caught up on the insignificant troubles life brings and encourages the reader to truly look as life as a gift and live everyday to the fullest. He uses these words repeatedly throughout the song to ensure the viewer understands and listens to the words to engrain and communicate this idea. 

Quinn XCII does not explicitly say that life is tough, things will get better until the last part of the song, during the bridge of the song. He says, “Mistakes we made, they made us who we are/These games we played they got us really far/That shit to most won’t ever mean a thing/But it got us here, so I hold on”. With these words, Quinn XCII communicates this idea about life through personally experiences and experiences he has witnessed.

7 thoughts on “Every Day is a New Day


    I personally love the song choice and totally agree it’s one of his best. The makes ends meet by the underlying theme that life comes with struggle all in all meaning we all struggle, so I really like the point you’re hinting at there in your post. The line underlining mistakes, I like that you underlined it’s repetition emphasizing the message the poet is trying to speak through musical poetry. He mentions that mistakes, troubles, and games brought us to where we are which I believe is a very powerful message. All in all I’m glad you mentioned that line and used it to help you almost structure your blog post.


  2. Mirabella V.

    My friend loves this song so I play it often when we are together because it always puts us in a good mood. I totally agree about what you said and it also made me see it in a way that I didn’t before. I like that you didn’t just say that he promotes living life to the fullest because it is a happy song but also talked about some of the troubling parts too, it added to the overall argument. And the highlighting of the repetition was also really powerful in emphasizing your point.


  3. Danielle W

    I agree with Bella that your mention of the conflicting ideas presented in the song really add to your argument. It shows the depth of the song and expresses a deeper meaning behind the words. I also think that your overall stated theme is a very good one because it forces people to analyze the different elements of the song.


  4. Isabel K

    I agree, much of the language in this song seems to be multidimensional. And I also think that your summary of the theme is poignant and really gets to the deeper meaning behind the lyrics. It is important to consider these elements when analyzing the lyrics of a song.


  5. AVERY M

    I think the lyrics you included strengthened your argument, and I agree that this is one of his best songs. I agree that there is a lot of positivity in this song, and that the lyrics along with the tone of the piece create that experience for listeners. I also think that since poetry, according to the definition, helps readers actually experience the happenings of the poem, this would fit into the definition. Readers are uplifted, and the message is clear throughout the song.


  6. Grace W

    I love Quinn XCII and agree that this is one of his best songs. Many of the lyrics of the song are multidimensional which adds to the deeper meaning of the song. I think your take on the very interesting and makes me look at the song a new way.


  7. SOFIA F

    The only thing better than this analysis was seeing this song in concert with you! I like how you captured Quinn’s ability to convey a theme through not only his words, but his overall tone.


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