“Everybody’s something” in the eyes of Chance the Rapper

The song I’m gonna write about is “Everybody’s something” by Chance the Rapper on his album Acid Rap. This album was Chance’s second album and the album that blew him up around the Chicago area. However, his national popularity didn’t spike until his eventually Grammy winning breakout third album Coloring book.

Everybody’s Something is a deep commentary on the world where Chance dives into many topics including god and religion, government, models, and and substance usage. Throughout the varied topics, the central message of this song is that everybody means something to somebody out there. Chance is trying to make sure everyone knows that they mean something in this world, whether they know it or not. More than ever, this year shows just how important this message is to remember for everyone. These days, the people closest to us are the only thing keeping us sane. And while this song was written in 2013 well before any of this, the message remains the same.

This song is about as poetic as it gets in the rap world in my opinion. First and foremost, the ability to say more than the words are actually saying is one of the pillars of poetry and something Chance does exceptionally in this song. The line “Why god phone die every time that I call on him. If his had a Twitter, wonder if I would follow him” is an amazing line that fully questions the validity of his religion while stating it in a modern metaphorical style. This is one of many lines that uses this metaphorical references to enhance the powerful messages throughout. The chorus of the song is the same brief 4 lines repeated, but for such a simple chorus is super impactful. A really cool paradox is used in the chorus between the lines “Everybody’s somebody’s everything” and “nobody’s nothing”. These lines are further the message that all people matter, but the artist style and paradox makes it more thoughtful and poetic. The bridge of the song features what might be favorite line: “Nice to see you, Father New Year. Middle Finger Uncle Samuel”. This is a super multidimensional use of words as he’s seemingly excited for the New Year, but calling out the country and/or government. A lot of great poetry ties into social or societal commentary and this is another example of such. I’m not sure if that’s technically a poetic criteria, but I think it’s a very common and valuable element of poetry. These are all many reasons that this song is PURE AND AWESOME poetry.

I’m gonna include a bit of a side note as long as I’m already on the subject somewhat. For everyone that believes Chance isn’t that good and hates on his music, take a look at more of his lyrics. His songs are more lyrically meaningful than pretty much any other rappers, and that’s why he’ll always be one of my favorites. Everyone go listen to some Chance.

5 thoughts on ““Everybody’s something” in the eyes of Chance the Rapper

  1. TALIB B

    I like that you picked Chance The Rapper because he now often gets forgotten when bringing up top artists. When looking at his discography with Sunday Candy, Juke Jam, No Problem, Angels, and countless other hits it is hard to think of many artists more poetic and successful than Chance. Chance isn’t afraid to speak about any topic and because of that, he has a catalog that has songs suitable for any mood. He is an underappreciated artist that has fallen off a bit.



    I thought this was a really cool post! I really liked your commentary on the religious aspects of his writing. I also liked your note on his word choices and paradoxes and how meaningful/deep they are.


  3. Charles V

    I love this song and I love Chance. I think he is one of the best artists out there. He so lyrically talented as well and each of his songs has so much purpose and meaning. I also love how much Chance gives back to the city of Chicago. Chance is a great human and rapper.


  4. Audrey S

    I really like how you delve deeper into his lyrics then the average person might listen to them. He does use a lot of multidimensional language that makes his song and his lyrics even more meaningful. Chance tends to be underrated so I like how you acknowledge him, his talent, and his poetic lyrics.



    I really appreciate how you acknowledge the talent and poetic nature of Chance and his music. I feel like Chance is not as recognized as he should be in the music world which is truly an injustice. His lyrics are so meaningful and inspirational to so many people and the recognition you gave him is so important.


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