“Good News” is Good Poetry

Mac Miller’s song “Good News” from his album Circles offers an unique look into the artists mind right before his accidental drug overdose in 2018. This song was the first single to be released after Miller’s death and it carefully lays out his struggles with depression and drugs. In his song, Miller reflects on his battle with depression and the day-to-day effects that it had on his mind and body. Miller reiterates throughout his song that others only want to hear that he is doing well and that those around him want him to ignore his negative feelings. The most commonly remembered part of Miller’s poem is the chorus which he begins by stating,

Good news, good news, good news

That’s all they wanna hear

Millers repetition of the words good news not only reinforces his idea that others do not want to know about his personal struggles, but offers insight into Miller’s mind as he reminds himself to put up a positive front. Also, Miller’s low tone throughout his poem hints to his audience that he is constantly battling with himself. By Miller referring to other people by the term, “they”, he broadens the number of people whom he feels he must lie to about his negative feelings. This generalization groups his audience together as people who want Miller to pretend that he doing well. Miller continues his chorus by adding on,

No, they don’t like it when I’m down

Again, as Miller refers to his audience by the general term “they”, he alludes to his idea that he feels he cannot show his true self to the public. He could also be referring to his agency or managers who want Miller to portray a positive outlook on life rather than represent his personal struggles. He reflects that celebrities must act as though their life is amazing in order for the public to deem them acceptable. Finally, Miller concludes his chorus by stating,

But when I’m flyin’, oh

It make ’em so uncomfortable

So different, what’s the difference?

By Miller beginning this line with the word “but” he makes it clear that regardless of what he does, he can never seem to make the others happy. By Miller not explicitly stating the times when he his “flyin'”, it leaves the reader to decide if he is most popular when he is his true self, or when he puts up a positive front. However, when he adds “so different”, he seems to be referring to himself as different, which ultimately will not make people happy. Miller seems to be stating that although he is not like a stereotypical celebrity, there are no true reason why he is any different than them. By concluding his chorus by questioning the true effects of his individuality it leaves the audience thinking about their place in the world and also why being viewed as different has become a negative association.

Miller was a very talented artist and his poetic song, “Good News” is only one of many memorable songs. Regardless of how many times the song has been listened to, there is always a new aspect or notable line to dissect. Miller’s melancholic tone throughout his song reminds his listeners, whether they want to recognize it or not, Miller deeply struggled with his mental health and desperately needed a break, all of which happened too soon.

4 thoughts on ““Good News” is Good Poetry

  1. Emma L

    I like how closely you analyzed the use of words in this song. I found it very interesting that the use of the word “they” in a vague sense conveys the large amount of people who the signer felt misunderstood by. I also completely agree that this expresses individuality and even touches on Perrine’s theory that poetry allows people to broaden their experiences, and I think that’s exactly what the singer was trying to do: broaden others’ perspectives and opinions through sharing his own experience and feelings.


  2. Sara S

    I really like how you talk about his mental health. I think it’s so important especially because this was released after he passed away. I like how you talked about him referring to “them” broadens his audience, because I don’t think I ever would have realized this on my own. I think you explained Mac’s lyrics well and gave me a much better understanding of his life. Lastly, I liked how you talked a little bit about the actual beat and melody of the song.


  3. Ella S

    I agree with what both Sara and Emma said. The idea of ‘they’ and how he felt like he couldn’t be himself in the public eye is such a good connection. I think the way you analyzed the song as a whole is a very new perspective for me. I also liked how you talked about his mental health and how that was his biggest enamy.


  4. Sarah K

    I definitely agree that this song should be considered poetry. Mac Miller put a lot of effort into satisfying one of Perrin’s key ideas that were expending life experiences and widening the listener’s view. I think this song educates many of its listeners, therefore, widening and expanding their views on mental health problems and suppressing negativity, which he addresses a lot in this song. It also normalizes not being okay all of the time and not being happy all of the time, which is much more common than people believe and educates people through music.


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