“Dear Today” A Day in the Life for All

“Dear Today” is the eleventh song on Luke Comb’s third studio album, What You See is What You Get. This song, somber and heartbroken at first, changes its tone to encouraging and inspiring through the message Combs conveys through his lyrics. He first debuted this song before it was officially released at a benefit concert in September 2019 to connect with the audience through human mistakes he has made too in his life. Although Combs is new to the music scene is undoubtedly knows how to convey meaning and create poetry with his music.

This song is written from Combs’ point of view; he is writing a letter to his future self. In the form of this song, the letter he wrote himself is to remind himself to fix any mistakes he’s made with those he loves and to live each moment to the fullest.

The song starts with the introduction:

If I know you, hell, you’re too busy
To do damn near anything that you ought to
Guess what I’m sayin’ is, is if you don’t change
Boy, you’ll be kickin’ yourself one of these days

Luke Combs “Dear Today”

Combs is prefacing his letter with his reasoning for writing in these first couple lines from the song. He is telling himself that now that he is famous and gained popularity, he is busy all the time. He is so busy that he doesn’t have the time to do the important things involving his friends and family. Then he proceeds to give himself an ultimatum if he does not change the way he is currently acting in the long run, and in the future, he will regret the decisions he made in the past. Combs confirms this message stating in 2019, “When I started doing this, I got real busy and started putting things off that I needed to do. This song is to remind myself that I need to do the stuff that is important to me, my friends, my family and my life. It’s a letter from tomorrow to today.”

Combs follows this verse up with another important message:

And remember every second I got’s borrowed

Luke Combs “Dear Today”

This line of the song is compelling because it goes out as a reminder to himself and those listening to the music. In this line, he says that time doesn’t belong to him, and it runs out fast, so don’t waste it on the superficial things in life.

“Dear Today” can be argued as poetry because of the theme it purveys through the personification of time and the foreshadowing of his future and the listener’s future if they are in the same position he is in. It can also be argued as poetry because the lyrics in this song bring the listener a new sense and perception of life. They widen the listener’s contact with existence. Chances are many of the people listening to this song can relate in some way or another to what combs is singing about; his words can widen and change the listener’s perception of life and possibly even lead to them changing their actions. Lastly, in a similar fashion, the listener can also gain greater awareness and understanding of their world. The listener of this song was not aware of their detrimental actions before listening to the song, however after listening to the lyrics of “Dear Today,” they can gain awareness of what they are doing and change.

2 thoughts on ““Dear Today” A Day in the Life for All


    The line “every second I got is borrowed” is very interesting because it is profoundly true and I interpret it to mean although we get to live every second of our life, we pay back that borrowed time when we die.



    I think that this song relates to the ideas in The Stranger that one shouldn’t worry that much about the “superficial” things like you said and worry about living their lives because we don’t have that much time after all. Which brings me to the line you chose “every second i gots is borrowed” which Combs brings this idea to a next level by saying borrowed instead of short because he accentuates the idea that we are not entitled to anything in our lives and that we should make the most of it.


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