The Broadway Show that Sold like Hot Cakes

August 16th, 2016 the world was introduced to a Broadway show that would sell out show after show. Hamilton. The brilliant, Lin-Manuel Miranda took about seven years to write a musical about Alexander Hamilton. Miranda wanted the play to be different than any other Broadway show,so he decided to make it into a hip-hop musical. People were very skeptical of this type of musical because it was so different, but low and behold tickets sold out faster then you could say Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Hurricane” is the 13th song of the second act. Hamilton is opposed by Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. These man are fired up and ready to damage Hamilton’s reputation by exposing his affair, but instead they cover it up by saying he stole government funds. Hamilton is torn between keeping his affair a secret and take the blow of ruining his political reputation, or inform the public of his scandal which would save his reputation but would forever ruin his marriage. He chooses to go public about his scandal because he realizes telling the truth has helped him in the past.

The whole song is Hamilton reflecting on his life, using a metaphor of the calm eye of a hurricane, just like the one that devastated his home as a child.

In the eye of a hurricane
There is quiet
For just a moment
A yellow sky

Hamilton repeats this metaphor a few times throughout the song. He is comparing his like to an eye of a hurricane saying that for just a moment before everything gets destroyed there is a moment of quiet. Right before he decides to make a choice to either ruin his marriage or reputation he has a moment of quiet. He thinks back to his life as a young boy, reliving his experiences. The phrase “A yellow sky” paints a picture in the listeners head of how everything looks in the calm of the storm. Personally I feel like this metaphor is very relatable in the sense that everyone has a calm before their own type of storm.

Later in the song Hamilton repeats the word,

I wrote…

In this stanza “I wrote” is repeated 5 times, resulting in repetition. By repeating those words Hamilton gave examples of how he was able to write his way to a better life and get out of the hurricane. This device allows the listener some insight as to how Hamilton was able to use his writing for good. Writing was his savoir, it gave him a second chance at life. He was able to write himself out of all the bad situations he has been through before so he thinks writing will be able to save him from his affair going public. Personally I think everyone can relate to this part of the song because everyone has their own form of a savoir to help get them out of a bad place.

Hamilton is a rap/hip-hop musical and rap is a form of poetry, so technically speaking Hamilton is one big poem. I feel like everyone always pushes Hamilton away because the thought of listening to Broadway music for fun at home isn’t ideal for most people. But I think every one of you reading this should give one of the 46 songs a chance. All the songs are so though out and have so much meaning behind them. And not only are they very catchy, but they are educational too. A double whammy! I have legit learned history from this musical. Don’t throw away your shot 😉 and give Hamilton a listen.

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