“Big Plans” By Why Don’t We

This is a song called “Big Plans” it is about taking risks and trusting those around you. It is mainly focused on a guy who wants his girlfriend to take a chance on him and to give him a year to show her all that he has to offer. This song is poetry because it has meaning behind it and has a purpose. This song also has a specific audience and speaker.

I got real big plans, baby, for you and me

So love me for who I am and for who I’m gonna be

Ain’t got everything you want, but got everything you need

So take a chance, take a chance on me

This is the chorus to the song and I think this is the part that stands out to me the most. It really digs deep at the fact that through time anything is possible and success and love and opportunity can come if you put in the effort and time into it. The song writer is likely writing this song to attract his significant other. The language used is also very important in this song. Words like “baby” and the phase “Ain’t got everything you want, but got everything you need” I feel are eye catching words that really show emotion and help get the speakers point across.

Not only is this one of my favorite songs to listen to when I am in a chill vibe but, it also a great hype song and almost builds your ego. This song gives me inspiration during hard times and gives me even more joy when jamming out to the song especially since it has such great flow and rhythm. Overall, this song touches you no matter what mood your in and has all of the significance and factors that poetry includes in it. In my opinion every song is poetry in one way or another but “Big Plans” definitely solidifies itself as poetry.

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