Dear Mama

“Dear Mama”, Tupac, Me Against the World. Poems are stories being expressed in an intense way. Poetry has its own language. The raw material in poetry is similar to those in the rap “Dear Mama”. The rap does have rhythm like any other poem would but it is also telling the story in a touching way. Poetry gives intense emotions and in the song Tupac describes his gratitude bluntly. In poems there is usually a deeper connection with the narrator. Tupacs develop a deeper connection with the listener can relate to him. His background influences the slang used in the song. In the song he expresses his gratitude towards his mother because her struggle inspired him. It is a song for people who has and is struggling in society.

Everything will be alright if you hold on
It's a struggle every day, gotta roll on

“Gotta roll on” simply means keep moving forward. People write stories about hard times or things they appreciate, poems are the long story short. The song tells the story of a struggle and appreciation in the amount of three verses as long as a poem. This line is an example of how Tupac uses slang the listener can relate to. Saying “gotta roll on” instead of keep moving forward not only gives the poem rhythm, but it also is the language created for the speaker and the listener. The listener is usually from the same background, being raised by a single mother who through the struggle made miracles. The song is written in code just as poetry is.

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