King Lear isn’t much of a king in my book and actually makes me angry. He’s arrogant, petty, and dumb. How does one expect to be treated like a king when he is giving all of his power away. The fact that he thinks he should still be treated as a king for nothing makes me kinda angry I’ll admit. I don’t even think he was that good of a king to begin with as he doesn’t seem very well liked. But the main part here is what happens after he finds out he’s gonna be nothing soon. The storm arrived and is rampaging through the village and now Lear feels bad for the homeless in the kingdom. Bruh. He starts to feel bad for the people that needed the most help after he loses everything. Lear isn’t a king anymore but now that he’s lost everything he becomes Mr. Thoughtful which is ridiculous. Shakespeare did such a great job of making such an unlikable main character. I think its rather comedic the timing of this statement and I actually started laughing when he said it. I can’t wait so see where this story ends and what happens to Lear in the end. Also check the One Republic reference in the title. lol

2 thoughts on “Apologize


    True. A king should be a strong figure who does an exceptional job in representing his kingdom. He should have the best intentions for the people he rules and do his best to lead in a benficial manner. Lear does most things for himself. I mean come on. Having your own daughters have to kneel and confess their appreciation for you as if they don’t love you enough?? Bruv.


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