Walter White is Based of the Characteristics of King Lear

The personality of King Lear is based on the fact that he is a King. He enjoys the powers and responsibilities as well as getting to rule over others. As shown by his response to Kent, Lear does not do well to people contradicting his rulings. 

Walter White is a power hungry man who, like Lear, fears of losing family, money, and power and decides to start making meth. He becomes fixated on gaining power and being the best which harms his home life. Like Lear, White does not do well when people contradict him and this tends to happen often. His reaction is matched to Lear’s, White wants them out of the picture if they don’t agree. 

Once both Lear and White start to lose power they will do anything to get it back. Because of their position of power they also have people trying to take them down or take some of their power. For Lear this is his own daughters Goneril and Regan and for White (without trying to spoil much) this is the people he works for. Lear realizes the loyalty of his youngest daughter Cordelia, but was he too late to see this like White was? Without spoiling the end of Breaking Bad, I will say that it also ends in a tragedy. Throughout the season many people find themselves backstabbing people you thought they trusted and going against each other.

5 thoughts on “Walter White is Based of the Characteristics of King Lear

  1. Max L

    This is a really interesting connection that I never would have thought of. Your explanation and analysis displayed the clear similarities between Lear and White.



    I really enjoyed the connection you made to Breaking Bad because I watched this show as well. I think this is a pretty accurate connection in that both men are almost blinded by their desire for power that they let things around them start to slip up. I agree that both men are so power hungry that that they become very angry when those around them try to contradict them.



    This is a great connection to the greatest show ever. I can’t believe I didn’t draw this connection but I totally agree that Walt and Lear grabbed for more power as they were losing it all.



    This was really intresting for sure. You explained lots of connections that I never would have saw. I think there could also be a connection to how Walter treats Jessie and King Lear treats Kent.



    This is so creative. There is definitely a connection between Lear and Heisenberg. One specific thing is the idea that they only grow in their character development due to pressures from other people. When both feel threatened their response is not become scared but to become even more aggressive. Although it seems like they are growing in power and strength, its also a sign of weakness. Their increase in aggression and the need to prove themselves could stem from the idea that to themselves the feel weak and they have the need to put up a stronger more intense appearance.


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