Mitch “Caius” McConnell

Trump’s second impeachment (February 2021) involved four days of trials and statements—including a statement from Mitch McConnell. According to McConnell, someone who notoriously blindly followed and supported everything the former president vouched for,

“There is no question — none — that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day.”

As soon as I heard him utter the words I was reminded of Shakespeare’s King Lear and Lear’s relationship with Kent, his loyal servant. Throughout the play you see various examples of different dynamics between those in power and their servants. Some characters, such as Lear, prefer someone who would be on beck and call and not ask questions or make suggestions. Considering Trump’s obvious attempt to pack his cabinet with those of the same views as him, he and Lear would get along in that regard.

McConnell, someone who made himself a hypocrite following the passing of Justice RGB and going back on his word in 2016 all in support of Trump’s ideals, made an unpredictable move during the impeachment trials. He stated that he thinks Trump is in the wrong, something that most Trump supporters refuse to admit.

This “betrayal” is similar to Kent’s argument to Lear. He tries to show Lear how problematic actions were and Lear lashes out at him and bans him from his kingdom. Kent, ever the faithful servant returns under a disguise of a beggar named Caius and still does his best to serve and assist Lear. McConnell did vouch for Trump to be tried on the state level as opposed to federal, which would produce a different option than being convicted after being out of office. Plus he still voted to acquit so he didn’t suddenly change his ways overnight.

Only time will tell is McConnell is more of a blindly trusting servant or more similar to Kent where he does everything for good and to help Trump not further ruin “the Republican reputation”. However, his statement at the trial was certainly a big step.

If you want a good article to read there was one written by NPR which I found very helpful:

One thought on “Mitch “Caius” McConnell

  1. Aaron Q.

    I would actually argue that McConnell is more like Regan or Goneril. During the Presidency he threw compliments and support toward Trump, similar to the sisters’ false professions of love to Lear. Then, when Trump’s power was removed from him, McConnell turned his back on him as Trump’s usefulness was decaying. Trump expectedly bashed McConnel for being disloyal, and Lear bashed the sisters for being women. At this point in the play, Lear is a mad wanderer, and Trump is out of a Twitter account.

    Either way, humans aren’t built to have as much power as these people have, which King Lear gets across with how crazy he gets when he loses his power. There was one line in Mindhunter that said something along the line of “How can you be President and not be a psychopath?”


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