What Even is Power???

One of the biggest themes that stood out to me is the concept of power. Power is a weird idea and one that I honestly understand even less after analyzing this story. My biggest question is what does having power even mean in reality because in this story everyone that feels like they have power doesn’t really. The power shifted among many of the characters but nobody even had the power that they thought they had.

People have a natural craving for power that whether or not you know it, is deeply inside every person in my opinion. I think that while everyone seeks some amount of power, nobody ever knows what to do with it once it’s in their possession. Power is something that can control the actions of people and that is seen throughout all the best movies, books, and shows. There is almost always a power that is being sought after or controlled in every good story. But I don’t know if I can think of a single story where the original person with power retains it from start to finish. This holds true in King Lear as we see power get tossed around like a bag of rocks throughout the story. I don’t think anyone knows how to truly the power they have during the novel.

Furthermore, I’m not sure if I know what power means. I think the people considered to not have the “power” in stories are oftentimes the most powerful characters. Power is truly just a social construct that has held to form throughout all of humanity but for reasons I do not understand. Honestly, I think power is pretty overrated.

4 thoughts on “What Even is Power???

  1. Najda HSJ

    I agree, it is hard to even tell what true power is. In King Lear and throughout everyday life, power is usually associated with a title, wealth, or status. Power is a social construct and the people who have “inner power” usually don’t even hold high positions of power in soicety.


  2. Charles V

    Power is a very interesting theme throughout the whole play. But who has power and how much of it is all u to interpretation by the reader. Also I definitely think whenever woman are seen as in power a man always has to cause trouble with them. The stereotype of woman in the play is very prevalent throughout the whole viewing them as inferior.



    I like this entry a lot. Because I was thinking of a definition of power and I could not think of something. I think in a lot of stories we see someone using their power to oppress someone. I also agree all people want power in some shape or form. I never really thought about how everyone does want power.


  4. Elijah J

    I like your analysis. I think there’s a certain balance between power derived from constructs like money and power derived from physical ability. One could be weak in physical form while possessing a large amount of money, or one could have no money but possess great physical strength. Looking at how these interact can be fascinating.


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