In the novel, many individuals true colors are shown as time progresses through different situations. In the beginning of the novel King lives his best life while living in his kingdom. While he is living his best life he also has three daughters he has to take care of and worry about. The three daughters Regan, Goneril, and Cordelia all crave the life their father is living and frankly enough they rather live his life without him than live the lives they are living with him as King. The King needs to be loved and remembered and it would be up to the daughters to fulfill his needs. The 3 daughters come to realize they are going to have to compete with one another for their fathers love as he addresses his power will only be considered shared to the daughter that loves him the most. While the daughters act as if they are competing they are really scheming so they can have all the power and control. I call it ‘fake love’ because they express their love for him as if they really love him for who he is when really all they seek is his power.

Situations like these still happen to this day! There are people out there that don’t want to work for anything so there plan in life is to lean on someone else and rely on them for a fit survival. If this is your mindset you better hope you are a likable person because otherwise you are going to have to work for it yourself and who knows how that’s gonna go. For example, if the daughters cut ties with their father while he still had power because he refused to give them everything, and they never married anyone, then they would be homeless or working a job miserably as they were never taught the value of hard work. It is important to look out for yourself because when it comes down to it no one cares about you except for yourself. So this so called ‘fake love’ can absolutely destroy you because you have no work ethic instilled in you to do anything and once you are on your own you are like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

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