Is it Better to Not Care?

Meursault is a person who doesn’t give much thought to anything, not even his girlfriend. Marie asks Meursault if he wants to marry her and he simply responds with “We could if she wanted to” (41). Mearsault lives his life without doing anything of any substance and somehow get himself into dramatic situations. He never has an opinion about anything, always going with whatever the other party says should happen.

So is it better to not care about your own life? Is it better to never have to worry about your own opinion or anyone else’s because you simply don’t care enough? More specifically, does Meursault not care about life choices because he really has no opinion or does he just lack the energy to fight back or did he never even develop a sense of things he actually cares about? I wish to figure out this book.

4 thoughts on “Is it Better to Not Care?

  1. Rachel C.

    This is an interesting interpretation of The Stranger and Mersault. I think that he doesn’t care about things and is a little distant from emotions because of past events or traumatizing experiences. Maybe before the book starts, Mersault was a vibrant character, but his mother’s death triggers a change in personality? I don’t know, but I like the ideas you’ve expressed.


  2. TATE S.

    Maybe it’s just the way that he copes with a monotonous life, or maybe he can’t help it and it is just a part of who he is. Whatever the case may be, it is certainly interesting to view the world through the eyes of someone who has no opinion, and observes with no bias. His characterization is often through his observations. His apparent lack of care for anything around him is fascinating and I’m not sure if it’s better for Mersault that he does not care.


  3. Owen W.

    I’m not sure if it better for Meursault to care or not, but I think his lack of opinion and care in his own life is a way for him to detach himself from the crazy events that happen is his life. From his mother dying, to his girlfriend, and even murder, his mental separation from the situation seems to be his way of getting through it and coping.

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  4. Charles D.

    I like Owen’s reply here. If one acts completely without care or scruples, it is easier to get by in times of trauma, which would normally induce all sorts of responses. Meursault definitely does not care for much. I think it would help him to be more zoned out in stressful situations.


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