Poor Salamano

Salamano is a pretty minor part of the book, but I still really felt bad for him when he lost his dog. I just have to wonder what he represents. the obvious go-to is about how he beats his dog even though he clearly loves the poor thing , but I have a feeling it means more than that. At the same time I don’t know quite what. I have a suspicion it has to do with how they look sorta similar, as Meursault points out on page 27. perhaps in an esoteric sense, the dog is an extension of Salamano, which it is narrattively, Salamano is never brought up when not in relation to his dog. the book also mentioned that as they’e existed around each other for so long, they begin to look like each other. This further adds to the fact that, at least as far as the book is concerned, one is nothing without the other.

2 thoughts on “Poor Salamano

  1. CUORA S

    I agree it was really sad. The treatment of Salamano’s dog is terrible, but once the dog becomes lost it seems to open up their relationship for interpretation. Especially when Salamano expresses his unexpected attachment to his dog while talking to Meursault. I think that later in the book it will represent or symbolize some deeper meaning or importance.


  2. VAN T.

    I completely agree about the idea that when people are around reach other for so long they begin to act and look like one another. When it was mentioned that Salamano’s dog had run away or escaped I could understand Salamano’s panic and unsettling state of being because he had lost something that he’d adapted too.


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