Doesn’t Matter

My thoughts on Part One of The Stranger, are that it is a very well-structured story, which connects the reader with the characters, and portrays Mersault’s personality very well. His actions evince his character throughout the story.

Mersault is portrayed as a peculiar person. He does not fit in society in that he shows indifference in every situation he’s in. He doesn’t care about the things that happen, since he believes that they don’t matter. This can be shown in his relationship with his ‘love interest’. When she asks Mersault if he loves her, he responds, ” I told her it didn’t mean anything but that I didn’t think so”(35). During a significant moment in his life, he reacts with indifference, as per usual in the story. The moments that show Mersault not caring about anything are constant. This builds his character for the readers, making it so that they know what to expect every time Mersault is faced with a problem. This is intentional from the author.

Then the author ends Part One by showing a contrast in Mersault’s character from what they showed before. Mersault kills someone who is looking to attack him, but after he is already dead, shoots him 4 more times. This shows emotion from Mesault, since even there was no reason to keep shooting, he felt anger that he needed to let out. This is where Part One ends, leaving the reader on the cliff hanger of finding out the reason for Mersault having a sudden change of character. This draws the reader into Part Two. The order of events and the structure of the story make for an intriguing read for the audience, a success for the author.

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