Disconnection and Overwhelming Feeling Of Grief.

In Part 1 of the novel, The Stranger, Meursault’s mother had passed and he had gone on with life, like nothing had happened. To loose someone that important in your life, without shedding a tear, was deteriorating to his mental health.The obvious disconnect from society and overwhelming feeling of grief caused Meursault to not confront his feelings. He couldn’t face the fact that his mother had been dead, so he acted as if he didn’t care, “Mama died today. Or yesterday, I don’t know”(Camus 3).

He seemed to be careless towards strong and overpowering emotions throughout the story. While maintaining a sustainable, almost happy, life. Meursault gets into a relationship with a woman named Marie. He has a hard time confronting his emotions and passion for her, if any at all. Also, when his friend, Raymond, wanted to hurt a woman, he felt no remorse. This ties to the overall theme that Mersault either has a strong emotional disconnect with society, or that he believes life is meaningless.

One thought on “Disconnection and Overwhelming Feeling Of Grief.

  1. Brigid B

    I do agree that he is strongly disconnected with society, but I wonder where you see a semblance of a ‘happy’ life. I’m not sure that his level of disconnection would even allow him to live out a happy life. I’d be very curious to talk about this.


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