Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

Camus’ argument states that there is no meaning to life, but life is worth living if one accepts that condition. I agree with the reading of the Myth of Sisyphus because Sisyphus had no option but to repeat the torturous cycle of pushing the rock up the mountain and having it roll back down. What would be the point in being unhappy or fighting it? It’s not going to change, so might as well find an acceptance in his position and allow himself to become happy with it. Also, in The Stranger, Mersault goes to prison after shooting the man. Does he have a choice whether he can stay or leave jail? No. Mersault recognizes this and finds ways to be content with his position in life, no matter the circumstance. The same goes for society as a whole.

The idea that the meaning of life is to live makes sense because the denotation of “life” is “the period between the birth and death of a living thing, especially a human being,” which literally means to live. There are things that contribute to the meaning of our lives, but they do not define the meaning of life as a whole.

I like the mantra, “Everything happens for a reason,”; not because it gives me a purpose, but because it helps me accept the faults and chaos around me. My value goes hand in hand with the idea that nothing really matters in the end, because we’re all going to die, and our future generations are going to die, and the world is going to die. I agree with Camus highly, because the meaning of life is to live, and along the way, happiness, sadness, anger, and other absurdities will contribute with that meaning. Everyone is going to live differently, and that’s their own meaning in life. It’s all subjective but also contributes to the full idea that the meaning of life is to live.

3 thoughts on “Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

  1. CUORA S

    Between the arguments Camus makes and The Stranger I feel that there are so many parallels between the two. From your example, Mersault is becoming aware of his fate both in prison and his future. I think Camus would agree that Mersault is happy or discovering “happiness”.

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  2. IAN K

    I think its interesting to compare Sysaphis and Mersault in terms of prison. Becasue now that you say that I realise how prison isnt all that bad to Mersault after all and he seems to be able to find the light in even the darkest places. I dont think Mersault is a pasafist though, I just think he is so emotionally blocked that the things that would upset most people in prison dont apply to him. -Ian Kelley

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    The phrase “everything happens for a reason” is a perfect parallel to the responses of Mersault while in prison. The way he is able to make things to do and really reflect on his life ends up being a “blessing” for him under these poor circumstances. I also agree that everyone’s meaning of life is different, and Mersualt is figuring out his.
    -Owen Campbell

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