Meursault & Marie 

Throughout Part 1 of, The Stranger, I was quick to realize the strange actions of Meursault. His emotionless, introverted, and bland personality is a warning sign in itself. But somehow, he is able to attract others to him even though his actions are questionable. For example, on page 41-42, Marie asks Meursault to marry him. He responds with, “it didn’t make any difference to me and that we could if she wanted to.” Later on on the next page, Marie calls him peculiar but, “that was probably the reason why she loved me”. While reading this story and this passage especially, I thought it was strange how even though he gave this response to Marie’s marriage proposal, she still loves him for who he is and how he acts.

In today’s society, people with personalities and characteristics like Meursault, are over looked by others that have extroverted and lavish lifestyles. As I kept reading Part 1, I was able to realize that no matter how you act, or how you display yourself towards others, anyone has the ability to attract others to them. Whether it’s because of something external or internal, Meursault has a spark that the people who he interacts with see in him.

2 thoughts on “Meursault & Marie 

  1. CUORA S

    I think that what you are saying about Meursault is very interesting. Camus portrays his character through his “bland” and “simple” thoughts, but in its own way that creates his spark. His emotionless, introverted, and bland personality does draw people in because maybe the world is used to an outgoing personality that people try to portray in society.


  2. IAN K

    I think Mersaults bland persona is purposeful. Camus leaves his character up for open interpretation in order for the reader to have their attention drawn. Later in the story (The second part), Mersault is more analytical and we then as the reader can check if our predictions about Mersault were right or not. -Ian Kelley


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