The Empathetic Apath

Meursault is seen to be a person who has very little empathy toward the people in his life. even toward the people that he supposedly has a strong relation ship to like Marie. he has a way of talking with people that shows that he is trying to be reserved and he is trying to not have any sort of connection with the people in his life like once again Marie. even with things that are serious with Marie, he still does not show any attachment emotionally to Marie like when he says “I explained to her that it didn’t really matter and that if she wanted to, we could get married” (41). even with his won mother he is seen as somebody who does not care when she dies as he is more focused in other aspects of life like the weather where it says ”the sky changed again. above the rooftops the sky had taken on a reddish glow” (23). however when his mother does die he feels lonely in his house and says that the house feels empty and unbusy. this shows that even though he tries not to have any sort of relationship with the people in his life, he is still seen with some attachment to the point where he feels lonely when his mom is dead. he is lying to himself and it is yet to be seen why.

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