The Tragic Life of Mersault

The first sentence of the entire book, Mersaults mother died, but he is too depressed to pay any attention or to care about this loss. He never had a close relationship to his mother, and didn’t even know how old she was when she died. Mersualt clearly feels guilt about his mothers death because throughout part one of the story, he feels the need to defend himself by saying “it’s not my fault” when referring to his mothers death.

One morning, when Mersault decides to go for a swim, he runs into a woman named Marie Cardona, whom he had known in the past. The two of them end up going to a movie, and Marie spends the night. The next morning, Mersault finds that Marie had left. He ends up staying in bed and smoking cigarettes until noon.

Mersault is very unsatified and unhappy with his job and claims that waking up to go to work is “the most difficult time of day” for him. The notion that getting ready to do a simple daily task is that challenging for Mersault shows that he is in a state of depression.

Later on in the story Marie asks him, “do you love me?”, which Mersault responds with “I don’t think so” and when Marie asks him to marry her, Mersault claims that he would do it if “she really wanted to get married”. He is unable to express love to Marie who clearly loves him, just as he wasn’t able to express love or compassion towards his mother. 

Throughout this part of the storyreaders will find that Mersault is incapable of feeling positive emotions which ultimately makes him depressed.

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