Is mom really dead (post 1)

Throughout the first few chapters we learn about the death of Meursault’s mother as well as his reaction to said event. As we begin to unravel the text it becomes increasingly obvious that he seems to not care at all about the fact that his mother is dead and even further seems annoyed that he had to talk to his boss about missing work to attend the funeral. “I asked my boss for two days off and there was no way he was going to refuse me with an excuse like that. But he wasn’t too happy about it. I even said, “It’s not my fault.” He didn’t say anything.” The tone of the story as well as the way that it is told gives the impression that Mr. Meursault cares little for the death of his mother. Unlike most people Meursault is unfazed and it caused me slight uncomfort through the first part of the story but it also caused a fascination that allowed me to fall even deeper into the world of that Camu created. As I read the layers around the funeral I began to see not only the surface level of uncaring that Meursault seems to display but that he is actually quite annoyed with certain things that seem irrelevant, such as the old man falling behind while the funeral procession was going to the church. The smaller details that seem to be swalloed by the overall uncaring attitude and tone of the book made it even more fascinating to me and make me excited to learn even more about Meursault as well as The Stranger.

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