Mr. Blank Face

It clear to see that through out the first part of The Stranger, Meursalt is shown to be a man lacking emotion and a man who is lacking social ques, but I don´t think it is because he is an introverted person and or is shy. Throughout Meursalt´s language and his tone when talking to others never shows shyness. Overall I think that is just the type of person he is. Maybe past experiences or something of that nature caused the emotional withdraw but it is clear that Meursalt despises showing actual emotion and would rather answer in one/two word responses. One of these examples of this has to be his emotion surrounding his mothers death. He is so lackadaisical when in reality his mother is dead and the way he acts is really not typical at all. You can see this when he is talking to the director of the home when Meursalt says things like ¨ The director spoke to me again, but I wasn´t really listening anymore¨. Another example of this emotional detachment is when it comes time to see his mother. The director says ¨ I am supposed to unscrew her casket so you can see her¨, Mersalt quickly follows that up with a hard ¨no¨. This is quite weird that he does not want to see his mom at all after she had just passed. It clearly shows Meursalt´s emotional detachment and shows how disconnected he really is from society.

One thought on “Mr. Blank Face

  1. charlotte g

    I agree that Meursault is emotionally detached which leads to some type of disconnect from society and I think Camus’ wrote him this way to show that in order to have the “life isn’t important” mindset you will be detached and different from the rest of society. This emphasizes the idea that Meursault isn’t like society but in Camus’ mind, that’s not a negative thing as Camus’ believes Meursault is above society. His emotional detachment is an important characteristic that makes Meaursault the happiest man according to Camus.


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