Cries of Hate

In the second half of The Stranger we discover an understanding of Mersault in a different way. He has come to terms with his present reality. Prison isn’t all that bad in his perspective after all. He has done what most people could never, and found the appreciation in endless suffering. Because in endless suffering their are silver linings that Mersault has began to become fond of. Soon he will discover that he in fact does not have to live his life out in prison but instead he will be freed from his life by death.

“The day of my execution…they greet me with cries of hate” why would a man want words of hate on his last day of life. He has grown in terms of self understanding and can now enjoy experiences unlike before. Ever since he entered prison, having everything taken away he can now see life in a whole new perspective. in some strange sence, he wants to feel the hatred of others because hes never experienced it before because he was unable to comprehend these feelings.

2 thoughts on “Cries of Hate

  1. VAN T.

    I think Meursault’s realization in prison was just a closer look into what he had thought before entering. Also I thought your idea about why he had wanted hatred to be sprung upon him as he left the world was interesting because he was having difficult making out the new experience and realization of being in prison.



    I agree with your analysis and the ending, and I think its also important to note how his character develops through The Stranger. Before his prison realization, he talked about wanting to live longer and having hope he would escape his sentence. I think his character development to come to this realization is the most profound thing, and focusing on what brought him to it shows his character.


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