Look Mama I Made it

Just about everyone has had an existential crisis by the end of their high school career. The feeling one gets at 1 am after having been out when you realize that one day you will die and you are FOREVER gone. The weight begins to settle that out of the thousands of years of human history we learn about and the millions of years of earth history that we learn about each and every human lives through less than 1% of that existence and when it comes down to it in 100 years no one will know who we are and what our names were. Each person will at some point stop existing our brains will turn off and we will be no more for the rest of all time. That’s it you will one day just be gone and everything else will be lost to us. This idea can sometimes be hard to grasp and so often we think this is silly and we have life and we can enjoy it till we are gone, but not in existentialism. Once you have made it out of the social construct of life you can never go back, those who have made it beyond have reached a level from which you can never come back, and that is the realization that nothing matters. While this is considered an enlightened way to live it is often hard as someone who has not made it out of the social construct to grasp how something could be better than the joys of life that they have. How can life be better than an Alpine ski trip for two weeks over Christmas? How can life be better than the moments when I sit with my girlfriend and watch a movie? The answer to these questions can only be found once one has crossed that existential boarder, but getting there is hard, getting past is harder, and the realization that you are there may be the hardest part because your life will change forever because you realize that you life doesn’t matter, that you will die one day and no one will remember who you are. “Look Mama I made it, I have found life’s meaning… “

One thought on “Look Mama I Made it

  1. Cory Y

    I think it definitely is difficult to overcome the mental block of making life a theater of the absurd, a series of irrational and violent events which culminate in the brutal inevitability of death. However, I don’t think the acceptance of existentialism needs to be as mind-blowing as you describe it – I think existentialists are still able to enjoy certain activities that they did before, if not more so, as they might be able to isolate (by their own standards) truly the activities that they enjoy the most. They can do one thing and not the other, and are not bound by societal expectations to pick either one.


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