Meuraults Take on Death

During Meursault’s trial, the death of his mom is brought up many times, and his reaction to his mother’s death is used against him. Witnesses are called to question how Meursault acted at his mother’s funeral and was described by many as being cold and disinterested.

People noticed that he did not cry at the funeral and did not want to see his mother’s body. It is also held against him that he went on a date and saw a funny movie with a woman the day after the wedding. Meursault expresses confusion as to why this is being used against him. He does not understand how this has any connection to his case. He also illustrated when his mother passed away that he was not too distressed as nothing had changed. Based on his reaction to his mother’s death and how it was being used against him at trial, it does seem to me that Meursault is not afraid of death or feels sad about anyone that dies.

Meursault seems to only care about a person’s death of it significantly changed his life and how he goes about things. For example, when Meursault shot the Arab man, he was not guilty or sad that he had done so. Meursault realized he had made a mistake as he was now going to go to prison but did not have remorse for the man.

By the way that Meursault reacted to his mother and the Arab man’s death, I believe Meursault does not care about the death of others, and only about the impact and undesirable effect it could have on him. 

4 thoughts on “Meuraults Take on Death

  1. LEO G

    I agree. Meaursault is indifferent about whatever choice he makes because he believes it will lead to the same outcome. We see this in his reaction to his mothers death, his relationship with Marie, and his murderous action.


  2. Matthias M.

    I really like the idea that is presented here and I think that describes well Meursault but I think the statement that he is indifferent is slightly inaccurate. I don’t think that meursault is indifferent but rather that he sees life through practicality. If everyone is destined to die and you know that it will happen no matter what why should one stress about something that cannot be controlled. On the other hand in the instance where he can control the life of another taking that life doesn’t bother Meursault because the life in reality means nothing to him and so he has no reason to be upset.


  3. REID B.

    I would agree with your take on how he feels about death. Like you explained I think he gets mad when people comment on his way about going on with his life (him not crying, not seeing body, etc.). He lives his life way differently than most humans and his take on death presents that perfectly.


  4. HAYDN M

    I agree that he does not care about others’ deaths unless it affects him directly. As you said about the Arab, he realizes his mistake and he even regrets it, but this is only because of the undesirable situation he is in now. If Meursault was never caught and tried for his crime, would he feel the guilt or would he ever think about it again? On another note, I believe you meant to say funeral when you said, “wedding” in line 3 of the second paragraph. Interesting point!


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