Is Prison Meursault´s Real Home?

Throughout that book its clear that Meursault is a very down in the dumps type of person. He is completely emotionless, soulless, heartless, etc. It almost seems as if he really does´t want to be on this planet. Now when he winds up in prison he finds himself bored and confused on what to do with his time. To me I feel as if prison is maybe a good place for Meursault. In the outside world he always finds him self complaining or not wanting to do something, or simply just wanting to be by himself. The consistent emotionless and soulless persona of Meursault really makes it seem to me that maybe prison is right for him. Throughout the book he makes it known that not much is needed to make him happy. For instance when he said ¨I told him I was quite prepared to go; but really I didn’t care much one way or the other. He then asked if a “change of life,” as he called it, didn’t appeal to me, and I answered that one never changed his way of life; one life was as good as another, and my present one suited me quite well¨. It is clearly shown here that he really does not care what happens to him. Although prison is a very scary place and a place where nobody ever wants to end up its almost as if Meursault just does not care. Prison will be right for him and will teach him how boring life can get when you have endless amounts of time to do almost nothing. Yet it will also fill his way of life and leave him in a dark emotionless place just like himself.

3 thoughts on “Is Prison Meursault´s Real Home?

  1. Alex G.

    I agree – in the outside world, I think Meursault feels confined and discouraged from showing true emotion because of the weather, especially during Maman’s funeral. Through the duration of the story, we are let into Meursault’s mind and we get to hear his thoughts – during the funeral procession, all we hear is Meursault’s complaints about the weather and portrayal of those who show emotion as crazy despite the nature of the situation. However, when Meursault is in the dark, windowless prison, we hear how he truly feels about the world through his outburst on the Chaplain. The fact that his outburst happened the day before his execution symbolizes, I think, that prison is a place where Meursault can come to terms with himself and express his true emotions about what he feels is the oppressive nature of society.


  2. LG

    I loved how the certainty of death on the day of his execution caused Meursault to let loose. Death is really the driving force of the ideas in existentialism, and its certainty caused Meursault’s outburst.


  3. ariel m

    The only time Meursault truly felt peace was the day he was going to be executed. He finally gets to be out of confinement, whether that means his won life or prison. That need for escape could definitely been a reason for his extreme actions.


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