The Ideal Mother/Child Relationship

In The Stranger, Meursault has a strained relationship with his mother and people cannot fathom the fact that maybe he has a right to not be upset about his relationship with his mother. Anybody that feels as if Meursault is in the wrong must have the ideal mother/child relationship which is a privilege that tends to go unknown. Those who aren’t blessed with the type of relationship I alluded to can probably sympathize with Meursault and understand why he may not have had the “ideal” reaction to his mother death. There’s this notion that you’re supposed to respect and care for your parent but it goes forgotten that it goes both ways. You cannot shit on someones existence and expect them to not have any underlying feelings surrounding it. The nature of their relationship goes unknown which is why it is unfair to judge him so harshly especially when people are dealing with grief.

One thought on “The Ideal Mother/Child Relationship

  1. Brigid B

    I agree and had considered this while reading the book. It didn’t make sense to me that the people questioning and surrounding Meursault negated to consider the nature of his relationship with his mother. Not a single person we encountered thought to ask him if the two of them got along or anything along those lines. Additionally, because the story began after his mother’s death, we never saw him interact with her. Therefore, we can not assume he had a strong or loving connection with his mother.


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