The More Years The Less Love

The idea that love sometimes fades over years is a sad realization. We see a huge parallel between love fading through Saeed’s parent’s marriage and Saeed’s and Nadia’s own relationship. Both relationships decide to wait to have sex until marriage, and in his parent’s relationships, “Saeed’s mother found it more uncomfortable”(13). When Saeed told Nadia he wanted to wait until marriage she responded by saying “Are you F****** joking”(55). Then after processing this she said, “It’s okay. We can see”(56). In both relationships, the women are way more eager and the men feel a lot of pride in waiting. After Saeed’s parents get married their marriage was full of passion. They were basically obsessed with each other and so were Saeed and Nadia. But, as time passed so did their love. “After Saeed was born, the frequency with which his parents had sex dipped notably, and it continued to decline going forward”(14). Over time, as life went on and got more complicated their love decreased. As Nadia and Saeed were going through all of the doors there love notably declined. “She smiled and moved to kiss him, and while her lips did touch his, his did not much respond”(125). In both relationships, the women are the ones constantly trying to keep the love alive and the men are the ones who are giving up and choosing not to care anymore. After Saeed’s mother passes away Saeed’s father is a mess and super upset. I am sure he wishes that he appreciated her a little more when she was alive. Knowing the huge parallel between the relationships, I would hate to see Saeed regret not appreciating Nadia more too while she is alive…

3 thoughts on “The More Years The Less Love

  1. Owen W.

    I agree that there are great parallels drawn between Saeed’s parent’s relationship and Saeed and Nadia’s relationship. I don’t necessarily agree that the women are the ones trying to keep the love alive and the men are letting it die. I think that in Saeed and Nadia’s situation specifically, their dwindling passion is the result of their extreme circumstances. It seems to be that the stress of leaving behind their families and hometown is the main cause for their deteriorating relationship, as they have been throw into new situations and have been forced to deal with many problems that could understandably cause a rift in the relatioship. Overall in both relationships, I think that the main cause for their deterioration is circumstances.


  2. Abby H

    I agree, there are many similarities between Saeed’s parents’ relationships and his and Nadia’s relationship. However, I think Saeed takes on more of the empathetic role of the relationship, will Nadia is greedier. She uses him more for her desires, and he clearly cares for her protection and well-being more. I think that the faults in their relationship do not occur from time but from consequences. If Nadia and Saeed were not forced to be in a different environment, I think their passion could have withstood.


  3. VAN T.

    Your analysis of the similarities between Saeed and Nadia’s relationship and Saeed’s parents was insightful. Seeing one’s inspirational figures’ love fade probably brought Saeed a less hopeful outlook on lifea and lowered his expectations for finding a fulfilling love. I thought that your comment of how the women seem to be more persistent on being more sensual with the men is important to note because in modern day men are typically seen more insistent on doing it.


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