The Love from Migration

The official definition of migration is movement from one part of something to another. Human migration is the permanent change of residence by an individual or group. Throughout Exit West, Hamid explores the idea of migration and how it takes effect on the different characters in the novel. Migration in today’s world is a challenge unlike any other, leaving the comfort of your home country to find serenity and safety. Nadia and Saeed’s first migration they experienced was leaving their home and their father to Mykonos. The difference between Hamid’s idea of migration and the real world’s migration is that Hamid introduces the idea of these black doors that take a person from point A to point B within seconds. 

The toll migrating on Nadia and Saeed is unreal, each making promises to one another to protect each other and themselves. With that being said, they created a bond, a platonic love for one another. Disguising this love as romantic, Nadia and Saeed had to deal with the heaviness of moving from one part of the world to another area. Nadia and Saeed moved from different areas and adjusted their ways of life each and every time, dropping some true part of their personality for the sake of the other. The ultimate migration came at the end of the novel, when Nadia and Saeed realized it was time for themselves to relocate to cooperate with their happiness. The love they had for one another allowed for them to separate, to know and acknowledge each other for the rest of time if it just so happens. 

2 thoughts on “The Love from Migration


    I agree with a lot of what you said about migration as a metaphor relating to Saeed and Nadia, and I think Hamid did an excellent job of continuing this metaphor and comparison as the story went on.


  2. OWEN C

    I really like this conclusion you drew. I didn’t even see the comparison until you pointed it out. I do think that Hamid was trying to show the struggles of immigration through a science fiction lens. We both had very similar ideas on the relationship between Nadia and Saeed, they both used each other to get through this tough time,


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