Unfinished love

Saeed and Nadia are a very interesting couple. Nadia straight off the bat is powerful and dominant. She even rides a motorcycle. Saeed happens to be a little more dependant on his parents and in most western traditional relationships would be considered unmanly.

Their love is put to the test in “Out West” by being put in a war setting where they must rely on each other for survival and comfort. We as the reader wait patiently as their conflicts unroll for the moment that they either get married or make love or anything special. But instead, we get nothing. I am no critic but I felt a little disappointed in the last few pages (final chapter) because I had waited for something to come from this relationship. They had suffered through death and all the emotions that make someone vulnerable, yet Nadia wasn’t satisfied and felt that their love was weakening by the day. In the reader’s eyes, the two main characters leave each other in a peaceful but meaningless way. It’s peaceful because they are at peace with one another and with their lives but their relationship had amounted to nothing. It’s hard to tell what the central theme of this story was but my best guess would revolve around their relationship. So the ending only let me and I’m sure many others with its open for interpretation ending.

3 thoughts on “Unfinished love

  1. TATE S.

    Maybe the seemingly meaningless parting of ways is Hamid’s way of commenting on the futility of romantic relationships, and the false dream of true love. The theme of the novel is certainly evident in the many phases of their relationship, but like you I am still struggling to come up with something definitive.


  2. OWEN C

    I agree. The conclusion of their relationship is not what the reader wants, but I personally found it to be more realistic. Nadia just wasn’t able to find the spark they once had during the climax of the story. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it work but I’m glad both parties moved on.


  3. Calvin R

    I thought that the ending of their relationship was less commentary on love and more commentary on the effects that migration can have. Because the subject of migration prompted Hamid to write this novel, it would only make sense if Saeed and Nadia’s relationship can be explained through it. In the beginning, their relationship was what any love story would be. But as they go through all the things that migration takes you through, it dissolved. I think Hamid wants us to be more empathetic to migrants, to recognize that they go through all sorts of problems besides passports and papers.


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