Couple Problems

While reading Exit West, I thought that this story was going to end with a simple happy ending. Where the two main characters fall in love despite all the problems going on and live happily ever after. But Hamid took a different route in writing this story. As a reader, it was sad but not truly surprising to see the falling out of Saeed and Nadia. Throughout the book, it started to become clear about the relationship problems both of the characters were having. As time went on, they just realized that they were not meant for each other.

The time where I knew the relationship was coming to an end was when they began to take time apart from each other. The sad truth about this is, time apart doesn’t mend a relationship, but only makes it worse. When a problem occurs, you don’t give the problem some space and hopefully when you come back it will be resolved. This is a big reason why there was a downfall between Nadia and Saeed. You can never truly fix any sort of problem with time and space. That’s one quick way to more problems.

3 thoughts on “Couple Problems

  1. Clark T.

    I agree with this post totally. Time and space can sometime be a good thing but just trying to get away from someone will never fix the problem. Nadia and Saeed have a relationship that reminds me more of a friendship rather than a real relationship. Thats why in the end the ended up separating. I never really saw them as lovers because of certain things that they do.


  2. NZUBE N.

    I agree with the content of this post. It was pretty obvious after a while that Nadia and Saeed were not going to work it out between each other. I also enjoyed the analysis of how to deal with problems, and how Nadia and Saeed did it the wrong way.



    I feel like they were using each other more as something to lean on during their hard times rather than two romantic partners so I totally agree with you. What happened in the end with them leaving each other, was just something that was bound to happen as they no longer needed to rely on each other to feel safe for they were now already safe and it was just natural for them to leave each other.


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