Self-Expression Through Music Poetry

Poetry can be a type of literature that conveys a thought, describes a scene, or tells a story in a concentrated, lyrical arrangement of words. So then what is music? It seems to be poetry sung with instrumental sounds added in the background.

Ritt Momney’s song “Put Your Records On,” the viral cover of Corinne Bailey Rae’s hit debut single, is musical poetry. It is a joyful, hopeful song and, if read aloud as a poem, reveals a deeper meaning within the lyrics.

This song is very motivating and almost empowering for everyone. In this song, the singer is reassuring all the girls out there that it’s going to be okay. They do not need to stress too much about how they look. Many girls and boys put too much pressure on themselves to be “perfect”. They try to alter how they look and hide how they truly feel so that they get accepted by the world. But this song is basically saying that it does not matter what the world thinks. What really matters is what you think and how you truly feel about yourself.

Don’t you let those other boys fool you
Gotta love that Afro hairdo

The lyric is a message to the original artist’s, Bailey-Rae’s, younger self to embrace her natural hair. When she was a teenager, the trend was to have straight hair and the singer feared being out of step if she didn’t follow the fashion.

When you gonna realize that you don’t even have to try any longer?
Do what you want to

Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song
You go ahead, let your hair down

The hair down is a metaphor to get loose, not to worry, and embrace your inner beauty, which is cool since it’s what many of us do when we are at home and want to relax. We let our hair loose and enjoy the feel of being ourselves.

8 thoughts on “Self-Expression Through Music Poetry

  1. Caitlin C.

    We’ve been looking at poems where the narrator talks to themselves or their younger self, so this song is similar to poetry in that respect. You articulated the theme very well, this song has such a nice message.


  2. Caitlin C.

    We’ve been looking at poems where the narrator talks to themselves or their younger self, so this song is similar to poetry in that respect. You articulated the theme very well, and having the message laid out for me has definitely given me a new appreciation for this song. It’s really sincere and uplifting.


  3. Abby H

    I really like your introduction, it grabs me into the idea that a song could be so much deeper when stripped of all the background. There is plenty of art and importance with music that we often do not give much attention to the poetry and art within the words. I especially saw the power in words when you inferred how the artist was directly speaking with the listeners.


  4. Abby H

    I love your intro, it really grabs me into the idea that a song can be so much deeper when stripped of the background. There is so much focus on the art and importance of music that I do not often think about the poetry and art of the words themself.


  5. Owen W.

    I think you capture the theme really well. I also think you do a great job of articulating the metaphors as they are written in the lyrics. I also really like how you articulate the way the song comments on the pressures society puts on everyone in terms of their looks.


  6. Nicholas P.

    This is a really empowering song, now after reading this and closely listening to the song. The “let your hair down” lyric made me think of literally letting your hair down, because before you mentioned the artists mention of straightening her hair because it was the trend, but I wouldn’t have thought the hair falling down to be a metaphor for letting loose and relaxing. I think this is a really good song and you analyzed it really well!


  7. LYLA A.

    I loved everything you did with this. The lyrics you pulled from the song were all perfect examples and really gave me the full idea of what you were talking about.


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