Everyone Knows “All Too Well” a Little Too Well

At this point, we should all know the song “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift because it has pretty much blown up the internet and music industry. Taylor wrote this song and realized it in 2012. However, Taylors music got stolen from her, and she ended up recording the album Red except for this time, it is called Taylors Version. This has brought all of these older songs to the front of Tayor fans’ minds again. As I started to think about it, “All Too Well” is written as a poem. The overall meaning and theme of “All Too Well” is Taylor longing for the memories and feelings she got from a relationship that once was good but slowly fell apart in her hands. She goes back and forth, remembering every detail of the relationship a little too well. Throughout this song, Taylor flashes back to detailed and specific memories to show that relationships that start great and sweet can always turn bad and end up rotting. Taylor describes the early stages of the relationship using the simile, “autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place”, which shows how complete and whole she felt while with him. This line also references the time frame of the relationship, which would be autumn. Throughout the song, Taylor repeats the phrase “I remember it all too well,” this is basically enforcing her feelings and shows the listener that this relationship was impossible to forget, and she remembers every detail clearly because that is how much it had an impact on her life. She also mentions the heartbreaking details she remembers, such as “in the middle of the night, we dance around the kitchen in the refrigerator light,” which cleverly uses rhyme in “night” and “light.” Overall, Taylors song “All Too Well” was such a cleverly written song/poem that shows all of her feelings from the begging to the end of this devastating relationship.

5 thoughts on “Everyone Knows “All Too Well” a Little Too Well

  1. Charlie O.

    I really like how you cemented the idea that everything about Taylor’s previous relationships was “too” memorable. I believe that this decision by Taylor was poetic because she found a clever and more descriptive way of describing something that was incredibly difficult to forget.


  2. VAN T.

    I thought your analysis of “All Too Well” was well analyzed. It pointed out specific word choices that helped emphasis the feelings Taylor’s had in the situation she was in.


  3. VERITY F.

    I enjoyed reading this analysis. I not only love your song choice, but I also think that the literary terms and examples you used were very well thought through and clear. Great Job!



    This was so fun to read. You chose an iconic song and wrote an iconic analysis with an iconic title! I appreciated how well thought out this was. Nice job


  5. Charles D.

    I like this analysis, and also the idea that someone can remember something “too well.” Perhaps Swift thinks of this relationship as a negative overall. I certainly would, if it pained me to remember things.


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