The Poet Ms. Lauryn Hill

For those unaware, the singer and songwriter Lauryn Hill soared into the music scene as part of the hip-hop trio “Fugees” before launching her solo career with the critically acclaimed album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.’ The album was dropped at the height of her stardom, under enormous stress from the media about the identity of her unborn child, the grandson of Bob Marley. The entire album, but especially the eternally jammable, “To Zion”, is beat poetry centered around the theme of motherhood and unconditional love.

Initially, Hill talks about the trials of choosing to become a mother

But everybody told me to be smart

Look at your career they said

“Lauryn, baby, use your head”

But instead I chose to use

my heart

This line speaks of the trials of motherhood facing a successful woman. When it comes to starting a family, so often in the music industry, as with the rest of the world, the freedom and flexibility afforded men isn’t available across the gender line. The media was asking why. When she’s at such an important moment in her career, why would she get pregnant now? Hill’s answer is clearly heard rest of the song.

Woe this crazy circumstance

I knew his life deserved a chance

“The joy of my world”, chanted throughout the song speaks of more than the joy of having her first child, there is a tone of fearlessness in the words that come from Hill choosing happiness.

2 thoughts on “The Poet Ms. Lauryn Hill


    I love how you connected Lauryn’s lyrics to what was happening in her life at the time, and how she expressed herself on the topic of her unborn child. I like how Lauryn is able to stay true to herself, even with all the pressure from the media. She deserves respect for putting her own interest first and following her heart.


  2. Amelia R.

    I really like how you gave some background information and context to this song! The lyrics you chose to include are really great and I like how you explained its meaning in regards to motherhood and gender. I think it is really interesting to understand this deeper meaning because I often overlook the finer details in songs.


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