Can’t Stop The Poetry

Justin Timberlake is a 40-year-old pop/disco song producer has sold over 88 million records worldwide. One specific song Justin created, was for the movie ‘Trolls’, named “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” This song was created solely for the idea that people were going to dance to it, which is clearly shown in the lyrics and diction he uses. Starting with the title, Justin gives the listener a sense of excitement and anticipation for an uplifting song with that “feeling” that you can’t stop, that everyone has experienced before or can understand what he is talking about. The title itself even has an exclamation point at the end. I’m not sure what else could explain a more excited and dancing feeling than that.

The first few lines of the song resemble a poem in several ways already. In lines 2 and 3 of the song he says:

I got this feelin’ inside my bones

It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on

Justin Timberlake’s use of the word “wavy” to describe this feeling is extremely specific and fits right in with the wave of emotions this feeling is giving you. He uses the idea of having the “feelin inside my bones,” which we know isn’t actually inside his body, but how the feeling is so strong. He also uses “electric” as an adjective to describe this feeling, which we can infer means it is in a way loud and expresses a powerful emotion.

The next few lines, incorporate more important and detailed diction which gives us an even closer idea of this feeling he explains. Lines 6 and 7 say:

I got that sunshine in my pocket
Got that good soul in my feet

Now Justin attributes sunshine to the feeling and the idea of it being “in my pocket,” meaning the feeling is with him. Sunshine is usually used to mean happiness or light, which is exactly what I think he is trying to describe in this “feeling.” Again he describes the “good soul” in this feet, which we know isn’t literally in his feet but shows us how the rush of emotions is rushing from his bones down to his feet.

Finally, Justin uses lots of repetition in his song, whether it’s repeating lines such as “just dance, dance, dance” or repeating entire stanzas, he does this in order to really get the idea of a happy and uplifting song and feeling into everyone’s minds while listening to his song.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Stop The Poetry

  1. OWEN C

    I really like the take you took on this, I never would have thought that this poem is poetry until now. I really like how you went super in-depth on the lines and found literary meanings that truly add to the song. One example is the “sunshine in my pocket”, I love how you were able to interpret that as the sunshine is actually with him.


  2. NZUBE N.

    I like the song choice, and how you described the artist’s true emotions when singing it. I agree that it’s a song meant mainly for dancing and rejoicing to. I wouldn’t usually recognize the underlying meaning of the quotes you chose. This analysis opened my eyes to the brilliance of this very well-known song.


  3. LAUREN F.

    I think this song is exactly what you said it is, happy and energetic. The song is meant to be a small light of happiness and dancing for roughly 3 minutes and I believe it has accomplished this task well, given how catchy the song is. I also think that the “feeling” described in the song is subjective to each person but I guess that just makes the song more personal.


  4. Matthias M.

    really well written and I love the song. There could be a little more real comparison to poetry rather than an evaluation of the song but overall the idea comes accross!


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