Doja Cat, A Poetic Genius

Doja Cat also known as Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, also known Miss Poetic Mastermind just recently released the most versatile album of 2021, Planet Her. Despite all of the songs being masterpieces, one outshines the other. “Woman,” the first track, not only does it have a positive message, it conveys it through so many literary elements. Throughout this song, Doja is able to convey how we as women need to be aware of how complex we are and stay unified because society will always try to pit us against each other.

My favorite thing about Doja Cat is her versatility, her central theme always stays more or less the same but each flow she spits out will be unique

Gotta face a lot of people of the opposite
‘Cause the world told me, “We ain’t got the common sense”

This line shows extreme significance to the message Doja is trying to convey. When she sings “the people of the opposite”, she is referring to men and then she leads into the next line saying how the world will bring down women. It’s a great use of personification seeing as the world can’t physically speak. But the use of personification goes to shows the impact the world has and what expectations they hold women to.

They wanna pit us against each other
When we succeedin’ for no reasons
They wanna see us end up like we Regina on Mean Girls

This line supports the theme as it is able to convey the significance of women being unified by using a similie. A modern one at that. This shows how women tend to be pitted against each other when we succeed. There’s this notion that there can’t be more than one woman succeeding at a time and if there is then they should be in competition. In the movie Mean Girls, The main character was at odds with Regina George – the school mean girl (and most popular) because the main character was gaining more popularity than Regina George. Regina is notorious for making girls life miserable hence the similie ” they wanna see us end up like we Regina on Mean Girls”

She give tenfold, come here, papa, plant your seed
She can grow it from her womb, a family

The use of extended metaphor here does a great job at highlighting another complexity that comes with being a woman. She compares a woman’s ability to get pregnant and the act of reproducing to a plant/flower growing. She extends this metaphor across the two lines, starting with

Papa, plant your seed

This compares the act of insemination to planting a seed, and planting a seed can also be defined as building a foundation. I think you can interpret this metphor in a numerous of types of way and that speaks a lot about her versatility.

These are a couple of examples as to why I asmire the way Doja Cat presents her music.

One thought on “Doja Cat, A Poetic Genius

  1. Elizabeth S

    I have been meaning to listen to Doja Cat for a while, and I will definitely listen now. I love how she takes something that could easily be cliche and makes a very original poem. The extended metaphors are very powerful. (also sorry if you get this comment twice, I thought I posted it earlier but it isn’t showing up)


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