Daniel Dumile, better known by his stage persona, MF DOOM, is an American rapper/producer who rose ton popularity in the late 1990’s. MF DOOM is a masked super villain type character set on taking over the world of rap with his intricate rhyme schemes and dastardly deeds. Of course, Dumile is not actually a super villain, but rather uses MF DOOM as a speaker for his songs.

In the song “Doomsday” from his first studio album, Operation: Doomsday, MF DOOM demonstrates why he is the greatest super villain.

Bound to go three-plat

Came to destroy rap

It’s a intricate plot of a B-Boy strapped

In this line, “three-plat” refers to his record going triple platinum, meaning that it will sell over 3 million copies. DOOM coming to “destroy rap” means that he is going to take over the industry and destroy all the competition in his way. He is the “B-Boy”, which is simply a person associated with hip-hop culture, and going three-plat and destroying rap are part of his intricate scheme.

Rappers need to fall of just to save me the trouble, yo

Watch your own back came in and go out alone, black

Stay in the zone–turn H20 to Cognac

The first line here is almost like a threat to other rappers, saying that they should give up so he won’t have to go through the trouble of making them give up. The next line alludes to the idea that MF DOOM does everything alone, and possibly why he wants to be alone at the top of the rap scene. The first part of the last line, telling you to stay in the zone, connects back to the last two lines and essentially says just focus on yourself. The second part of the last line is MF DOOM comparing himself to Jesus! He is turning H20 (water) into cognac which is a type of wine. DOOM is somewhat of an egomaniac and constantly praising himself and his own work.

What the Devil? He’s on another level

It’s a word! No, a name! MF – the Super Villain!

The last two lines of the song are supposed to represent a 3rd-person point of view, as if someone is looking at MF DOOM and claiming that he is on another level. It is very fitting to use the phrase, “What the Devil?” because DOOM is an evil villain. The last line is still in a 3rd-person point of view and supposed to be a play on the the Superman trope, “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman!” It is a great way to end the song as it provides a great contrast from super hero to super villain.

Doomsday, MF DOOM’s magnum opus, is nothing short of an exalting poetic experience. Also, remember – All caps when you spell the man’s name!

3 thoughts on “DOOMSDAY


    I love how you describe the persona of MF Doom and how he portrays himself in the rap game. The analyzation of his references and comparisons of himself to Jesus is cool and I would not have thought about it that way. What interests me is if MF Doom actually believes he is coming for the top of the rap game and will definitely destroy other rappers in getting there and dominating it, or if it is just strictly a persona he gives off in order to rap. Either way, I like the way he does it I think it is interesting.


  2. Clark T.

    I really like how you describe MF Doom as a character and how you portray him as a whole. The comparisons that you make really add a strong effect on how people will view him and how people will view his music. MF Doom is a very unique artist and I think is truly one of a kind and you did a great job of showing this as well as showing how his music poetry and more specifically the song that you chose.



    I love how you described the character and then sued those descriptions in order to draw comparisons to him and his music and the effect it has on people who listen to him. MF doom likes to have his listeners view him as a living embodiment of his music and you did an excellent job portraying this.


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