Poetry Until Death

A poem is a poem, and every poem is different in the way it flows and impacts the reader. However, every song starts as a poem. “Repeat Until Death” is part of the album “Birthplace” written by Welsh artist Novo Amor. The song itself transports the listener into another world with its dream-like instrumental, but when diving deeper into the lyrics, one can interpret the poetic nature of this song.

Low, a part of me now
A palm to my mouth
I said it, almost

Snow, brother, I’ll bet it all gold
Shudder with blood in my nose
I had it, almost

Don’t go, you’re half of me now
But I’m hardly stood proud
I said it, almost”

Recurring throughout the entirety of the song, at the end of each verse is the word “almost”. Although it may seem like an innocent or unimportant addition, the placing of the word almost works to describe the pain that goes along with raising your hopes only to be disappointed again and again. In a way, this song serves as a self-reflection for the speaker, and the repetition of the word “almost” in the context of this song insinuates regret. As each verse goes on, the speaker describes a time in their past in which they were so close to obtaining what they wanted, and the end result was simply always “almost”. Throughout the song, Novo Amor depicts how you can give yourself to a person to the point where they become half of you, only to take more of you until there is nothing left.

Oh, I’ve been low
But dammit, I bet it don’t show
It was heaven a moment ago
Oh, I had it almost
We had it almost”

Further along in the song, the artist describes the pain of loving someone with a series of highs and lows, with things never working out the way they should. The transitional use of “I”, and then to “We” when describing “almost” further emphasizes the meaning of the song, in terms of the way two people can become one. The use of the word “dammit” preceding “I bet it don’t show” speaks to the frustration the artist feels when it seems as if they try and try but can never seem to be fully satisfied. In addition, the comparison of the artist’s relationship to heaven further adds to the contrast of the negative emotions present throughout the song. This addition serves as a good juxtaposition to emphasize the helplessness felt when something that felt like heaven falls apart.

“Oh, I can’t seem to let myself leave you
But I can’t breathe anymore
Oh, I can’t seem to not need to need you
And I can’t breathe anymore”

Finally, at the end of the song, the speaker gives up and reveals that the damage is not worth the reward. The figurative use of “But I can’t breathe anymore” is very powerful in this context as it speaks to the physical effect that emotional trauma can have on people. At a certain point, the pain is too much, and it feels suffocating, which is put into words in a poetic way throughout the entirety of this song.

5 thoughts on “Poetry Until Death

  1. lucas

    I really like the meaning you pulled from the word “almost”. It really does show the regret. Goes to show how one word can have so much meaning in poetry. It changed the entire meaning of each stanza.


  2. Luke G

    Its great that you expanded on the meaning of “I can’t breathe anymore.” Suffocation is a unique feeling, and the feeling the writer is going through perfectly lines up with the feeling of suffocation.


  3. Gigi D

    I love that you explained the significant impact of such small words such as “Almost”, or “We” instead of entire lines or verses. Each word has an influence on the meaning as a whole and you were able to deepen my interpretation of the the song by just explaining his intention with the word “almost.” I also like your interpretation of the word “We” considering in the first verse, Amor claims “you’re half of me now”.


  4. MAEVE M

    I have never heard this song before, but after your analysis I think I need to. I think the use of ‘I” and “We” is especially powerful because it shows that connection that forms between two people when they are together and how it’s almost like you are one entity. Also, I think the lines “Oh, I had it almost/ We had it almost” really shows the regretful tone of this song. It emphasizes the pain of losing that love that everyone searches for and how it hurt even more because they were so close but it didn’t work out.


  5. Rixy

    This song has me shaking with how beautifully daunting the lyrics are. Your analysis was thought provoking and insightful. Novo Amor is one of my new favorites.


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