From Power to Pain

King Lear is a play about tragedy and Lear himself experiences this in a way much worse than any other character. Lear makes his fatal flaw when he decides to split the kingdom off by how much his daughters love him and falls blind to the fake love to Regan and Goneril’s fake love and gives them all the land while not giving Cordelia any who is the one who truly loves him. Lear loses himself after he realized the wronging he has done and starts to go crazy. He even says in Act 1, “Does any here know me? This is not Lear . . . . Who is it that can tell me who I am?” showing he has lost himself and doesn’t know the man he is becoming because of his suffering. He doesn’t realize the wrong he has brought Cordelia until it is too late and asks for her forgiveness but it is too late for she has a sudden death. At this point the tragedy Lear has endued is too much for him and he dies of a broken heart. The tragedy that Lear has gone through is too much for him but it’s too late to do right and this makes him my favorite character because from all the things he did he wanted to do right.

One thought on “From Power to Pain

  1. lucas

    The fall of Lear is interesting. It was his very daughters as well as his own doing that led to it. He loses his mind when he realizes he no longer has all the power he once had which I feel would happen to anyone in his sitation.


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