King Lear is Really the Hero

I think that throughout the book, the way it is written it seems as if Lear is the bad guy. To me I think that he is just really misunderstood, and I think that’s why he is my favorite character. Just because he was the King everyone views him as some snob who just cares about power and land but what he really cares about is his family and doing the right thing. He got his land robbed from him and was betrayed by his own daughters and yet still kept a positive mindset on things. At certain points there are times where he seems bad, but he has so much anger built up because of the betrayal he has gone through and sometimes that anger comes out. He is also a character that shows a great amount of change/development. In the begging he is very uptight and banishes certain people for very silly reasons yet overtime he learns things about himself and realizes that without power you have to gain peoples respect on your own without just demanding it. Characters that grow over time appeal to me a lot because it shows how dynamic they are and how unique their personality is. Lear completes the plot of the play and shows many themes throughout just through himself. Without him the book as a whole wouldn’t make sense and would lose so much of the dynamic effect.

3 thoughts on “King Lear is Really the Hero

  1. Alex G.

    I think that in the end, Lear thinks that giving away his land was a rash decision (even though it was not). He struggles to understand how he has lost his power and how that naturally happens through age.


  2. Luke G

    Lear was the old man who had a lot more to lose than he previously thought. Lear underestimated the greed of his children, who (other than cordelia) seized every crumb they could from Lear.


  3. Bella N.

    I think that this is an interesting take on the play. Throughout the work, I felt as though Lear was being unreasonable and misogynistic at many points in time. I don’t necessarily know if I agree that Laer was a hero, but I enjoyed reading your interpretation of his character.


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