Benjamin Reflection

Benjamin’s theory illustrates the power dynamic reflected in many binaries that exist in everyday life, like the relationship between boss and employee. She explains that in order for someone to have power over another, someone has to submit. With money as an incentive, employees willingly follow orders from their bosses. The boss has no physical control over the actions of their employees, but because the employees choose to listen the boss can dictate what they do throughout their shift. Understanding this theory makes it possible to recognize the different power structures in life and potentially dismantle harmful ones. The relationship between boss and employee isn’t innately harmful but many power dynamics are and cannot be addressed without knowing how they are maintained. 

2 thoughts on “Benjamin Reflection

  1. Sam B.

    I agree and I also think that this has to do with having to call most bosses and teachers Mr or Ms. I think when people call people by those terms we lose some of our power which causes us to submit to the orders and demands of bosses or teachers.


  2. Grace H.

    I completely agree, Rhea. The comparison you made between boss and employee really puts into perspective how mutual recognition is everywhere. However, I do think this power dynamic is very unhealthy in some work environments and many employers take advantage of the natural authority they have over their employees.


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