Semplica Girls and the Interaction of Mutual Recognition

Semplica Girls and Lilly work toward mutual recognition when she interviews the girls for school. She goes beyond acknowledging the SGs by their Greenway names and worked on learning about their diverse backgrounds. Lilly’s interview took steps to treat them as equals, and SGs told her the stories that demonstrate they are complex people who have experienced life in a variety of ways. One SG, Januka, expressed that her name means “happy ray of sun,” and that her home country was in Laos. Rather than reducing the SGs to products of their less-developed countries, like her parents had, Lilly was able to educate her classmates about the authenticity of the Semplica Girls. In return, Lilly was mutually acknowledged by the school environment that allowed her to present her project. One could assume that the public school system would perpetuate the views of the outside world, and potentially agree with the objectification of SGs since students were educated on the Microlining process. However, in the context of the school project, Lilly was still able to share her views that opposed popular opinion.

One thought on “Semplica Girls and the Interaction of Mutual Recognition

  1. Sam B.

    I definitely agree and I also loved Lilly’s growth throughout the story. She went from thinking SGs were the only way to be accepted in school to seeing them as actual human beings. Also, the fact that the school has a little mutual recognition with her shows her tremendous growth and allows her to help her classmates grow as well.


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