Benjamin’s Mutual Recognition and the Role of Age

Benjamin’s Bonds of Love is a psychoanalysis in which she introduces mutual recognition and its cruciality in maintaining relationships. She presents this theory in many forms, especially in gender polarity and relationships within a family. This book gives people an understanding of how these dynamics in relationships occur and why they’re accepted. There are many constructs to which this can be applied, age being one of them.

Age has always played a significant role in if or how much people recognize, give credibility or listen to another person. It’s preconceived that the older someone is, the more education and wisdom they have because of their experiences.

I have always recognized the power dynamic between myself and another person because of our difference in age. (Others must have too or else our society wouldn’t be largely structured on it.) From when you are young, the respect and obedience towards those older than you are instilled and many times ingrained in your head so much so that it’s a habit to defer power. This practice creates a distinction between the two parties and the roles each fill in the relationship. The older of the two typically holds the power while the younger one usually steps into their role as compliant and subservient. Although these binaries make us separate from others which Benjamin believes we need, it also creates an imbalance of power that many (older or those with power) use to their advantage. Benjamin’s theory of mutual recognition, if applied, could help to reset this present problem in relationships.

2 thoughts on “Benjamin’s Mutual Recognition and the Role of Age

  1. Khylie A.

    I agree with your take on Benjamin’s theory. It’s most definitely interesting how age is a determination of knowledge and wisdom. However, I haven’t put too much thought into how much society values that idea.


  2. Isabella K.

    Your take on this is super interesting as I didn’t think about age and wisdom with mutual recognition. I completely agree with your ideas which allowed me to rethink what is representative in mutual connection.


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