Jessica Benjamin’s Master Theory of Mutual Recognition

Jessica Benjamin’s, Bonds of Love, encourages the reader to rethink the world, by understanding individualism through binary thinking. Individualism allows you to not only thrive but also inspires you to separate yourself from others. I am me because I am not you gives rise to all manner binaries, where one thing is defined by another. The utmost hegemonic binary in our society is that women are subordinate to men. In this case, men are imposing a situation of hierarchy through dominance, while women remain submissive to this authority. A lack of mutual recognition results from an unequal balance of separation and connection, inevitably leading to a “power struggle” or dissatisfaction of one person/group. In order to prevent complete domination, it is necessary to have healthy subjectivity. The universal theory of mutual recognition helps administer self-identity and controlled connections. 

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