Benjamin’s Bonds of love realted to real world

 Benjamin explains the minor flaws in Frued’s argument because there needs to be a “balance of separation and connectedness,” for individuality to truly form. She states that one has to recognize the differences and similarities between subjects and have a sense of connectedness in order to have a healthy sense of identity. For a person to actually find their identity they need to understand that they are not the other, they are an individual, yet still doing so without conflict. It is important to recognize differences and understand them. Her theory makes me think about my sense of individuality. Do I have it? Meaning a full sense of identity. If so, how did it happen? What did I do? It brings up so many questions that I truly do not know the answers to. How does one know they have individuality? The concept is still new to me. However, it does make me think about the amount of people that believe that women don’t have a great sense of self due to their gender, and the topic of gender is also a huge deal today. This can be tied in with the broader discussion about gender and that can be tied into politics and individuality and power. Many struggle with the search for individuality and many want power in some way. These are challenging topics to begin to understand because it happens for everyone. Everyone must experience these dilemmas in some way, maybe it is more difficult for others and maybe it’s easier for another. Maybe, an event had to happen for someone to truly understand. As I stated before, it is a very interesting topic to me but as a senior in high school I still have no idea what it means.

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