Application and Anti-thesis of Benjamin’s theory

Benjamin’s argument about ‘mutual recognition is valid and applicable especially as we continue to develop and grow as we age while freud believes that we only see in black and white and identify others by their differences and not their similarities, which causes division and prevents unity.

Our relationship with our parents is a great example of mutual recognition at play, especially in the stage of life we are in right now and beyond, as we are neither children nor adults. Due to this, the original adult/child or parent/child relationships that Freud believes in are being shattered as are parents are able to see and recognize us as nearly equal human beings with our own agendas and preferences. Benjamin’s Theory of humans psychology and human behavior is extremely enlightening and encouraging to groups who are in the submissive role of a relationship by giving them agency and making them realize that their current position is the result of them giving up the equal standing that they once held.

I believe that the theory for the most part is accurate but there are some relationships that don’t really fit. African slaves and their masters for example, or white colonists and native Americans because they never had equal standing due to guns and more advanced weapons giving the colonists and major power advantage that they exploited against the native peoples. However this is  a truly enlightening theory and, if applied correctly could revolutionize human history and culture. Although the requirements for this line of thinking are heavy and neither group of people may not want to give or take what they have, this application of recognizing others could revolutionize humanity.

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