Applying Benjamin’s Theory

After reading this excerpt from Benjamin, I applied her theory to the PARENT/child binary. I found that parents make certain decisions because they have a responsibility that they brought upon themselves. They love their children so dearly because they are responsible for the safety and care of the child that they created. Her theory also made me consider relationships within a family structure in general. The MAN/woman binary was interesting to me because there has always been a societal norm that guided the actions of a man and a woman in a relationship. The feminist movement has disrupted that norm and it is causing people to rethink the system. Many people consider this unnatural, but in reality it makes total sense. It is similar to a child wanting to have freedom from their parents. The child will eventually gain freedom, but will one day be a parent and be in control of their child. There will always be a time when the so-called “done-to” are going to take action and try to free themselves from a system that they were submitting to such as when people revolt against something that they consider to be unjust. After revolutions, people build up what they consider to be the right way to dominate and then the process eventually repeats itself.

2 thoughts on “Applying Benjamin’s Theory

  1. Meredith M.

    I think it is really interesting how you apply Benjamin’s theory here. Not only did you share some examples of binaries and power dynamics that her theory applies to, but I also really like how you mention that it is almost like a cycle.

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  2. ROAN E.

    The deconstruction of these binaries really helps us understand the significance of individuality and what it means to play a specific role in society, whether that be a parental role or a partner in a relationship. I like how you emphasize the ways in which this system fuels itself which acts as a cycle repeating itself without society acknowledging it.

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