What is a good reader?

What does it mean to be a good reader? Vladimir Nabokov argues that a good reader is one who rereads and one who doesn’t put themself in the story. The reader also detaches themself from the story. I see his idea of how when you reread a story you begin to see the bigger picture and what the author really wants to get across. I also can see what he means by detaching yourself. The author wants you to get something out of the story and if you put yourself in it and use your imagination you might miss it.

But at the same time shouldn’t a good reader be one who reads how they want and what they enjoy doing. Especially if reading for your own enjoyment isn’t the biggest purpose of reading to enjoy yourself. Sometimes people read to lose themself and transport themself to a different place and does that mean they are a bad reader? Overall, I see Nabokov’s argument but is his way the only way to be a good reader or are there others?

3 thoughts on “What is a good reader?

  1. Reid M.

    I think that there are other ways of being a good reader; and I agree that a good reader should read what they want and enjoy doing it, because you can never truly devote yourself to something unless you enjoy it. However, I think that the main quality of a good reader is their willingness to read widely. In my view, although Nabokov recommends careful consideration and (relatively objective) analysis of some few masterworks, I think the true benefit of reading comes from reading everything to best maximize your exposure to things outside yourself.

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    I agree with the argument that being a good reader comes in many different forms. I also agree with the fact that enjoying reading is an important aspect of being a reader.


  3. LINA E.

    I agree with you saying how readers could also be defined just as good as those who read to get a better idea than simply enjoying the written piece.


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